About Us:

Herbal Tropics, has formulated the all natural Perfect Curves formula, a Brazilian diet that can help you gain weight in the right places to the (hips and buttocks) area to help you show off those famous curves!  Women who “love their curves” can appreciate our Brazilian diet because it’s designed to help them accentuate and enhances what they already have! The herbal formula was manufactured and created in Brazil and is absolutely perfect for those who desire a more shapely figure!!
If you’re afraid of surgery you may find the Perfect Curves to be a safe and natural alternative that’s recommended by fitness experts and holistic doctors.  Made from all natural Brazilian subtropical fruits and berries, this stimulant free dietary formula provides vitamin, minerals, and nutrients to the body while releasing your natural estrogen to enhance your curves. Combining the Perfect Curves supplements with our most advanced Buttocks Contouring (herbal butter) will help you achieve a more fuller, rounder, and shapelier buttocks.
Traditionally used in Brazil this amazing diet system offers a 2-step program that has helped women increase shape to their figures while losing inches around their midsection. Containing no synthetic ingredients or caffeine the Perfect Curves formula is making headlines as the safest way to help women shape beautiful curves.